Jeanette D. Osterlund


My story

" I was diagnosed in April 2006 with type three c ovarian cancer. With in a week and half I started chemotherapy. I underwent therapy for a revolving 6 months thru Oct 2006. In the meanwhile the chemo had taken a toll on my ureters. I went through months of stints going in and out to having tubes thru my back. Then came another surgery to take intestine and use to replace my ureters In May of 2008. During surgery more cancer was found. He debulked as much as possible and left one tumor that I believe was attached to my intestine, vagina, and pelvis. (possibly bladder as well) He could have removed but following my requests of not wanting any bags attached he did not. When I spoke with him the following day and found out it was back and it was only one tumor I asked him about Cyberknife because I had read about it. And he explained that, That was not an option for me.  After surgery I underwent another Three months of chemo just through the bloodstream with cysplatinum and taxol. Did not seem to help I am assuming then he came to say maybe I was a candidate for cyber knife. Went through Cyberknife with great results. And continued another 3 months of Chemo. Following we were going to do maintenance but only got through one month because of neuropathy. Then stopped, which ended up being Feb 2009. During the last ten months my ca125 had slowly started to climb. I did not have funds to continue the vitamins and things that I needed. I  have been turned down for all the help I have applied for because I choose to work in between treatments. I have never been told from the beginning to change my diet or my lifestyle. I have been told if I am searching for other help to do it before I would start treatment again. I have contacted numerous cancer centers and no one will see me. I am just hoping that maybe you could tell me some other possibility's. I am willing to do whatever possible to start fighting again. I am only 32 years old and want to fight. Thank You so Much for taking the time to read this It is and will be appreciated Thank You Jeanette Gilbert Osterlund"


The story did not end there....

She chose to work and had poor insurance so she incurred a lot of debt. She wanted to keep fighting but eventually ovarian cancer over took her intestines and spread giving her a colostomy bag at the end devastating Jeanette. 


July 31, 1974-March 27, 2013


Where does the money go?

Per Jeanette " I want people to get the monitary help they need just like I did. They can allocate the money towards whatever they need at that time."